"XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle" is a level 34, red quality slug rifle for any class under the Human Alignment, and is occasionally for sale at Tyr's Workshop and can be dropped as a blueprint.

Rifle (Slug) = XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle

Purchase Price: 205,900
Value: 51,475
Damage (Base): 160
Ruiner: Wind of Battle
Increased Ammo +8%
Improved Reload Speed +8%
Slug Damage +8%
Pulse Munitions +4%

Can Also be found in a level 50 variant with the following stats:

Increased Ammo +10%

Improved Reload Speed +10%

Slug Damge +10%

Empty Rune Slot (The above rifle may have been modified by its user at time of posting or is the Cybernetic version of said weapon base)

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