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World Serpent “There be monsters here…”Edit

Locked under ice in one of the most inhospitable areas of the globe, the Devastator class war machine known only in myth and legend as “The World Serpent” has lain dormant for millennia. It used to be one of the YMIR’s greatest achievements: a mile long submersible battleship that could unleash massive destruction with the merest human thought.

When the YMIR were destroyed in the anti-matter strike that would change the future of the world, the remaining Devastator class machines were either scuttled to prevent capture or hidden for a distant future resurgence of the YMIR regime. How many of them truly remain, and how many are mere myths is pure speculation – very little solid data exists.

Devastator ClassEdit

The Devastator Class was designed to be the backbone of YMIR forces – combining long range strike capability with formidable defenses to support a mobile army. While completely submersible, it could also traverse land thanks to powerful anti-gravitic suspensors. Like a massive serpent, its segmented body could crawl over land, bringing terror and death to those who stood against it. It remains a mystery of engineering, since many of the technologies used in its construction have been lost for thousands of years in the dark ages of the Fimbulwinter.

Aegir’s JawEdit

Lying beneath blizzards and fearsome winds, Aegir’s Jaw is a treacherous place. Only a horn of blasted rock can truly be called land, the rest of the region is formed of crumbling pack ice, constantly shifted and reformed by tides and tectonic movement. It is unsurprising that the World Serpent has lain hidden here for so long as anything on the surface tends to get dragged beneath the ice. As the ice breaks apart and transforms throughout the year, sometimes sunken victims are dragged to the surface again.

Section 3-1: Ghost ShipEdit

Vlcsnap-00030--article image

The Jormangand, surpent of the ice

After a brief cutscene, Thor and Baldur are confronted very early on with a room with a well and a locked door in it, upon entering the well and knocking down a wall, which Baldur walks through, you are immediatly transported back to the interior of the ship, where Baldur and Thor proceed, further down the hallway, where suddenly a pipe breaks and supposedly kills Thor, leaving Baldur on his own to take on the world serpent, progressing through the level, confronted by normal enemies, and eventualy a unique goblin, "Kilo, the supreme ruler of the world and beyond", Baldur encounters moveing walls and rotating rooms, and eventualy enters another room with a well in the center, and a broken bridge, upon closer inspection the bridge is gaped by and energy barrier, and can be walked across, upon activating the well, Baldur is teleported back to the first well, where to Baldurs suprise Thor is still alive, upon questioning Thor about what happened, it is made clear that it was a hallucination of sorts, posssibly similiar to what happened to Hod early in the game. Upon exiting the room a pipe busts but dose not fall, much to Baldurs relief, as Thor and Baldur progress through the remainder of the level to the next room with a well, several encounters with enemies happen.

Section 3-2: AwakeningEdit

TH environment 001--article image

Thors Death

This section of the level is the trek to the main bridge of the jormangandur, this level really has no important side notes besides, a arena area on the bridge of the craft itself, and the hoard of dark elves you will face as you progress throught the vessel, also you will travel through what seemed to be the actual crew quarters, conferming that the jomangandur was infact manned by a crew, though apparently as small one, though rooms like that could exist elsewhere on the ship, at this point the ship is still dormant and you are only fighting response units, the battles through the bowls of the ship lead eventualy to a bridges occupied by two dormant trolls, upon activation of the well in the middle of the room ,and the discovery of loki's treachery, the trolls awaken upon their defeat, and subsequent distruction, Baldur and Thor move on.

Note: after the defeat of the trolls, a lift can be activated below the well in the center of the room, where two more trolls are at, upon their defeat you can earn the obelisk's treasure, if fallen the lift dose not come back up, leaving the obelisk unobtainable this playthrough.

Section 3-3: Beast's HungerEdit

Vlcsnap-00003--article image

Turbines, the best awakens

After makeing it safely off the bridge of the ship, Baldur and Thor, progress through the bowels of the ship, into the massive engine rooms of the ship, its massive driveshafts dwarfing even the extreamly large APC seen earlier in the game, as Thor and Baldur progress encountering many dark elves and trolls along the way, they eventualy make it to the world serpents ammerments manufacturing system, that is in the process of making antimatter warheads for its missles, after defeating the dark elves and trolls, on the convayer and moving on, Thor and Baldur come to a room overlooking the jormangandur's missle launch silos, which periodicly launch missiles in quick succesion, leading one to believe in the shear ammerments of the massive machine. Upon moving on and fighting more enemies, they eventualy make it to reactor entrance.

Section 3-4: Belly of the BeastEdit

Artwork1-2--article image

The beating heart of the world surpent

Entering the enormous chamber of the main reactor of the world surpent, and battling their way to the reactor itself, Thor mentions that the device must be destroyed, to prevent Loki from having it in his power, however, Baldur comments that they are more important to the Asier alive than dead, belligerently Thor aggrees, and Baldur using a well shuts down the reactor, and then they are attacked by more enemies, including another troll, moving on and through what appears to be the enginering command center of the vessel, they move on encountering more enemies, and another well then move on to a large door, and lead into the launch bay of the jormangandur, as enemies attack you, missiles can be seen in the background, leading one to believe that the world serpent is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Section 3-5: Cutting the LineEdit

Scene01 0451680--article image

Salvation is near

After defeating some goblins, and walking past the launch tubes, after this Ballder walks through the door, which closes before Thor can get through, as a half giant deploys from a elavator shaft to counter Baldur, after a much heated and long lasting fight, Baldur defeats the monster with a combination of longrange warfare, as the machines close range attacks knock Baldur back repeatedly, and the shear armor prevents heavy damage at close range, as its nuasance support goblins are also dispatched, Thor enters the room, and they both ride the elevator up to the main door, upon entering it and riding an elevator to the top of the vessel, Thor uses his hammer to break loose, and allows Baldur and Thor to escape, as the now rampant world serpent descends into the sea below.


Too Human describes the Jormangand a Devastator class warmachine as a machine built during the waning days of the Ymir war, massive machines capable of incredible destruction, and armed with nuclear, and anti-matter warheads, along with laser weapons and among other things plasma and balistic weapons, the size of the Jormangund could potentaly destroy, entire armies by itself, however as Mimir stated, it worked with a supporting army and possibly in conjuction with other Devastator warmachines, after the Yimr were defeated by an antimatter strike, and the dosen or so scuttled or intentonaly hidden, for the potental resurgance of the Yimr empire, that the remaning world nations in fact had possible counters for this raving weapon of mass destruction, or that the anti-matter strike was a last ditch effort to destroy an enemy that was far to powerful to be counterd, by any conventional military, never the less, if one jormangund still exists after all those years, undoubtly more do.

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