"The strength of a wolf is in its pack, Esbern. If you challenge one, you better be willing to take them all on." - Wolf Squad Alpha's leader.

Wolves are Humans who served as soldiers of Midgard and acted as warriors for the Aesir; supporting them in their war against the Children of YMIR. They wore full body armor and are armed with projectile rilfes whilst wearing helms shaped in the head of a wolf. They typically are found in squads with each member assisting one another similar to how a wolf supports its pack. They are capable of lowering the helmet visor down thus covering their entire face though typically they did not do this. The leader of a squad of Wolves is known as the First Wolf.

Wolf Squad Alpha was assigned to accompany Lord Balder in an expedition into the Ice Forests of Svartlfeim in order to track down the renegade Aesir known as Hod. During the journey on the Overlord class APC, Esbern got into a fight with a member of Wolf Squad who had called the Bear's "happy idiots" to which Esbern threatened the soldier after which Squad Alpha's leader told him about the strength of the Wolves.

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