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Wells are access points to Cyberspace. Many are scattered throughout the 4 levels of the game, and while many are used to move forward in the game, there a number of wells used only for accessing extra equipment/gaining Gamer Points. For those intrepid gamers who find it necessary to locate each and every one, you will be rewarded with both increasingly more valuable weapons and armor, and a decent amount of Gamer Points. After gaining the various cyberspace abilities, more areas of previously opened wells will become accessible. After gaining the Fire cyberspace ability, many regions blocked by the Nidhog become easily removed, making it possible to acquire certain rare items, such as the Seeker and Altruist weapons and armor peices, as well as high-ranking charms and runes. Also, there are some sections of cyberspace that cannot be reached at all without certain abilities, such as the Walk On Water ability. When entering the well under the World Tree, the farthest right well from the center of the area can only be gotten to via walking on water, and in a well or two during the World Serpent mission, that ability must be used to further progress in the game. The interface used is unknown but it may probably receive data from a wireless nueral interface implanted in Aseir.

The most likely way of accessing the wells is through using the Spider that was given to the player as a blueprint by the NORNS during the World Tree mission. It is quite interesting to note that all of the player's weapons seem to disappear upon activation of the wells. Another interesting feature of Cyberspace is the inability to clearly view the Charms in your inventory. This has been especially troublesome when after activating an Obelisk inside a Well and receiving the runes the Inventory Full pops up.

If the player is using the Smart Auto-Salvage it is most likely that the Runes/Charms tab is full. The best advice I can give is to try and salvage the runes/charms the you don't want to go after or which you seem to have copies of (check the description).

Note: The player cannot access the World Tree during multiplayer. You can however go outside the Main Hub and see the Space Port, but I think it only acts as scenery because you cannot do anything there.

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