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A Weapon is a piece of Equipment that can be used for attacking. Weapons come in the following categories:

Epic Weapons Edit

The following is a list of Epic Weapons and their respective statistics.

Swords Edit


Sacred Honor Blade (lvl 50) (Cyber Defender)

The Burning Blade at World's Edge (lvl 29) (Cyber)

The Burning Blade at World's Edge (lvl 49) (Cyber)

The Burning Blade at World's Edge (lvl 50) (Cyber)

The Slayer's Bear-Hewer (lvl 50) (Human)


Gouging Claws of Fenrir (lvl 50) (Cyber, Human Berserker)

Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker (lvl 34) (Cyber, Human Berserker)

Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker (lvl 50) (Cyber, Human Berserker)

Stormblades of the Desecrator (lvl 50) (Cyber Berserker)


Battlesong of the Undying Huscarl (lvl 50) (Cyber Champion)

Face-Hewer of the Jomsvikings (lvl 34) (Human)

Face-Hewer of the Jomsvikings (lvl 50) (Human)

Sword of the Betrayer (lvl 50) (Human)

Staves Edit


Storm-Lance of the World Serpent (lvl 50) (Cyber)

The Flesh of Architect's Incisor (lvl 50) (Cyber BioEngineer)

Try's Brilliant Fusion-Lance (lvl 50) (Human)


The Reddening-Wolves (lvl 39) (Cyber Berserker)

The Reddening-Wolves (lvl 50) (Cyber Berserker)

Raging Axes of the Merciless (lvl 50) (Human Berserker)

Carvers of the Wolf's Carrion (lvl 50) (Cyber Berserker)


Mercygiver of Fallen Kings (lvl 50) (Human Champion)

Bane of Jomsvikings (lvl 24) (Cyber)

Bane of Jomsvikings (lvl 44) (Cyber)

Bane of Jomsvikings (lvl 50) (Cyber)

Storm-Lance of the World Serpent (lvl 50) (Human)

Hammers Edit


Musepelheim's Ceaseless Cold (lvl 50 (Cyber)

Runic Hammer of Dwarf-Kin (lvl 50) (Human)

Skuld's Cold Love (lvl 50) (Human)

--Hammer-Shield Combo--

Bane of the Jomsvikings (lvl 50) (Human) Purchase Price: 771,000

Sentinel's Kingmaker (lvl 50) (Human Defender)


Shaper of the Fjords (lvl 50) (Human)

Bludgeon-Iron of Vali (lvl 50) (Human)

Conclusion of Failed Experiments (lvl 50) (Cyber)

Pistols Edit


Eyes of the Searing-Star (lvl 29) (Cyber)

Eyes of the Searing-Star (lvl 49) (Cyber)

Eyes of the Searing-Star (lvl 50) (Cyber)


Dragon-Guns of Eld (lvl 29) (Human)

Dragon-Guns of Eld (lvl 49) (Human)

Dragon-Guns of Eld (lvl 50) (Human)

A Source of Agony (lvl 50) (Human)


Twin Tails of the Onyx Serpent (lvl 34) (Cyber)

Twin Tails of the Onyx Serpent (lvl 50) (Cyber)

Arms of the Betrayer (lvl 50) (Human)

Rending Claws of Fenrir (lvl 50) (Cyber)

Rifles Edit


Harrowing Lance of Wrath (lvl 39) (Human)

  • Damage: 190
  • Pierce +39%
  • Empty Rune Slot
  • Empty Rune Slot
  • Empty Rune Slot

Harrowing Lance of Wrath (lvl 50) (Human)

The Slayer's Bear-Skewer (lvl 50) (Human)

Vali's Burning Spear (lvl 50) (Human)


Gunnlogi of the Graebari (lvl 50) (Human BioEngineer)

Skuld's Dooming Passion (lvl 50) (Human)

Unerring Dreadmark of Skoll (lvl 50) (Cyber Commando)


The Incinerating Grief (lvl 24) (Human)

The Incinerating Grief (lvl 44) (Human)

The Shrike's Last Word (lvl 50) (Human Commando)

Tyr's Carbine of Old (lvl 50) (Human)

XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle (lvl 34) (Human)

XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle (lvl 50) (Human)

Cannons Edit


Immolating Wrath-Spear (Cyber)

Scalpel of Flesh Welding (Cyber)


A Source of Agony (Cyber)

Muspelheim's Relentless Flame (Cyber)

The Incinerating Grief (Cyber)


Egil's Cure for the Coward (Cyber)

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