"Tools of Angrboda's Apprentice" equipment set is a level 50, red quality 2-piece set for any class under the Cybernetic Alignment.

Tools of Angrboda's Apprentice (2)
2: Mastery: Cyber Skill Tree +1

Hammer (1-Handed) = Conclusion of Failed Experiments

Craft: 1,520,000
Value: 380,000
Damage (Base): 2194
Ruiner: Static Bleed
Strength +40%
1-Handed Critical +1%
Hammer Slide Distance +5%
Necrotized +5%

Cannon (Laser) = Scalpel of Flesh Welding

Craft: 1,230,000
Value: 380,000
Damage (Base): 334
Ruiner: Plasma Overcharge
Increased Ammo +10%
Dexterity +43%
Laser Penetration Rate +5%
Necrotized +5%

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