The Goblin Man of Norway is a three-part fake documentary created as a viral marketing tool prior to the release of Too Human. The first two parts were released as add-ons to developer's diary videos and can be found at a fake website for the Norwegian Film Committee. The third part is yet to be revealed.


(Summaries are taken from the Norwegian Film Committee website.)


Director Howard Byrackk has pushed his unique form of storytelling to a new extreme in his latest documentary film. “The Goblin Man of Norway” explores the possible Norse connections to the controversial ‘Goblin Man’, discovered in northern Norway. Byrackk gained access to exclusive interviews with the key figures behind the discovery, and gives viewers an inside look at the controversy surrounding the Goblin Man.


In part 2 of The Goblin Man of Norway, we’re introduced to Rob Niosi, a self-proclaimed ‘Goblin Man enthusiast’ whose fascination with the mechanical being has lead to an interesting collection of artifacts and memorabilia. Also, Professor Alistair Mclean discusses a controversial mysterious stone found near the site of the discovery and its subsequent separation from the ‘Goblin Man’ artifact.


(Not yet released...)

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