This is a tricky skill, as it can either be very useful or totally worthless. “Procs” are those special effects that various weapons and charms deal to enemies. Anything from lightning damage to Gravity Wells. Each of these has a certain percentage (usually very low) of ocurrence, or “proccing.” When capped off, Submunitions Distributor adds 7% to the chance that the proc occurs. This can turn Cybernetic characters into Gods Among Men.


My Cyber Bioengineer doesn’t seem very impressive on the surface. He has horrible stats for both melee and ranged damage as well as lowered resistances for all damage types. He has no real offensive skills, and the only thing he can do is heal himself, so you would think he would not be one of the deadliest characters I have…but you would think wrong. He is equipped with an epic 2 handed staff that has a 6% chance of creating a necro, or acid pool, that kills anything that wonders into it, including trolls and dark elf leaders (spiders). He has a Red Epic Charm of Necrotization that adds another 6% chance of creating a pool. He has a 5% chance due to using a 2 handed weapon, with maxed out status chance, and his Submunitions Distributor grants another 7% on top of that. That means I have an almost 25% chance of creating a giant acid pool every time I swing my weapon. I have around a 15% chance of creating a gravity well that pulls multiple enemies to their deaths if either I hit them or they strike me. The result is very few enemies get close enough for me to fight. I believe my personal best was, at one time, 8 gravity wells and so many acid pools they just melded together into one, but probably around 7. I have heard that Shaynard and Prodigy have done more. Suffice to say, you can glitch out your XBOX with the effects a Bio Engineer can create. If you are a big fan of these status effects, then going Cybernetic and capping off this skill is a must.

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