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Of Men and MachinesEdit

Report prepared by Mimir at the request of Heimdall, on behalf of ODIN.

Before the Dawn of the Gods, the great machines stalked our planet, bent on destroying humanity.

As the war escalated, man and machine exchanged nuclear and anti-matter weapons, leaving a once-lush world frozen in a thousand-year winter.

Humanity now teeters on the brink of extinction, its population of a few million sheltered in the walled enclave of Midgard.

The great sentient machines have prospered in the eternal winter. Humanity, however, is not alone. It prays to the mighty gods, the Aesir, and faithfully worships the great ODIN.

Those prayers do no go unheard.

Gods amongst MenEdit

As protectors, it is our duty to ensure humanity survives. Our cybernetically enhanced bodies and minds make us far more powerful than mortals...and we are properly revered as gods.

We fight a never-ending battle with the Children of Ymir, the vile machines, and progenitors of the catastrophic war. Fortunately these battle wage in lands far from the safe haven of Midguard, which has not been attacked in centuries.

Due to our efforts, the Children of Ymir are now the stuff of mere legend and nightmares - as are the gods who fight them.

End of report

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