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Starting at level 2, with each new level you gain points with which you can gain and/or improve special powers. Each class tree contains 3 distinct paths. These paths present different play styles by containing unique abilities and upgrades

To assign skill points, select Skills in the main menu to access the skills tree. Note: You must meet the minimum requirements of certain higher-level powers before selecting them. As you progress, you will also have the opportunity to enhance either your cybernetic powers (at the cost of your humanity) or your natural human aptitude for efficiency through a secondary skills tree (you access the second skill tree with the Right Trigger).

When certain powers are taken they automatically map to the controller.

Spider powers map to Y. Battle Cries map to X, and Sentient Weapon attacks are activated by clicking both the Right and Left Thumbsticks.

These buttons remain inactive until their corresponding ability is unlocked from the skill tree.

Skills may be reassigned on this screen by Y. The cost to reset the skill tree is displayed in the upper-right corner.

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