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Berserker Edit

Killer of the Dragon (Level 8)
Bragi's Gift of Metalflesh (Level 30 - Cybernetic)
Cage of the Frenzied Bear (Level 30-33 - Human)
Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker (level 34 - Cybernetic)
Rage-plate of the Merciless (Level 50 - Human)
Cage of the Desecrator (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
Claws of Fenrir (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
The Battle-Song of Egil (Level 50 - Cybernetic)

Bio Engineer Edit

Engineer of the Dragon (Level 8)
Bindings of the Righteous Conveyor (Level 30-33 - Human)
Skjold of the Ritual Matrix (Level 30-33 - Cybernetic)
Armor of a Venerated Græõari (Level 50 - Human)
Shroud of the Flesh Architect (Level 50 - Cybernetic)

Defender Edit

Defender of The Dragon (Level 8)
Skin of Shielding Iron (Level 30 - Human)
The Grim Ward's Honored Gift (Level 30 - Cybernetic)
The Sacred Ward of ODIN (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
The Sentinel of Valhalla's Battle-skin (Level 50 - Human)

Champion Edit

Champion of the Dragon (Level 8)
The Vindicator's Legacy (Level 30-33 - Cybernetic)
The Mail of Sigurd (Level 30-33 - Human)
Legacy of the Fallen Kings (Level 50 - Human)
Forged Spirit of the Undying Huscarl (Level 50 - Cybernetic)

Commando Edit

Commando of the Dragon (Level 8)
Metalskin of the War-Dog (Level 30 - Cybernetic)
Edge of the Razor (Level 30 - Human)
Bloodied Exoskeleton of the War-Wolf (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
Tactical Battledress of the Deathless Shrike (Level 50 - Human)

Non-Class Specific Sets Edit

Cyber Aesir Sets
Aesir Set of Annihilation
Aesir Set of The Killing Word
Aesir Set of Master and Slave
Human Aesir Sets
Aesir Set of The One
Aesir Set of The Unstoppable Spear
Aesir Set of The Vanquishing Clash
Weapon Sets
Hod's Fallen Arms (Level 50 - Human)
Skuld's Fateful Warning (Level 50 - Human)
The Song of Vali (Level 50 - Human)
Trappings of the Bear-Slayer (Level 50 - Human)
Tyr's Masterpiece Arsenal (Level 50 - Human)
Tools of Angrboda's Apprentice (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
The Legacy of Muspelheim (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
Non-Level 50 Armor Sets
Altruist Sets, a Level 44 Armor Set
Seeker Sets, a Level 40 Armor Set

Single Epic/Elite ItemsEdit

The Burning Blade at World's Edge (Level 29, 49, 50 - Cybernetic)
The Reddening-Wolves (Level 40 - Cybernetic)
Twin Tails of the Onyx Serpent (Level 34, 50 - Cybernetic)
Bane of the Jomsvikings (Level 44, 50 - Cybernetic & Level 50 - Human)
Sacred Honor Blade (Level 50 - Cybernetic Defender)
Storm-Lance of the World Serpent (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
Storm-Lance of the World Serpent (Human) (Level 50 - Human)
Eyes of the Searing-Star (Level 49, 50 - Cybernetic)
Immolating Wrath-Spear (Level 50 - Cybernetic)
XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle (Level 34, 50 - Human)
Dragon-Guns of Eld (Level 49 - Human)
Runic Hammer of Dwarf-Kin (Level 50 - Human)
Shaper of the Fjords (Level 49 - Human)
The Incinerating Grief (Level 50 - Human)
The Incinerating Grief (Level 44 - Cybernetic & Human)
Face-Hewer of the Jomsvikings (Level 50 - Human)
Harrowing Lance of Wrath (Level 50 - Human)
Tyr's Brilliant Fusion-Lance (Level 50 - Human)
A Source of Agony (Level 50 - Human)

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