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Created ages past when the rise of technology was ever present and full of wonder, Sentient weapons represented the pinnacle of emergent AI and weapon design. A fully functioning, sentient AI was bonded to a weapon by means of an interlinked module. The AI was then exposed to many battlefield scenarios, so it could learn from its use in combat. The weapons were filled with anti-grav nodes which enabled the AI to control the weapon without the need of a bearer. As the technology grew more and more proficient, the AIs were feared to have learned too much and needed to be kept in check. They began to be caged and the weapon's bearer taught to control to howling rage trapped in the weapon.

Since that age, the AIs have been cultivated from other sources, such as the Children of YMIR which were deficient in term of self-awareness, but not combat expertise, making them easier and just as fierce. Fenrir is such one beast.

The Marks of GungnirEdit

Aesir weapon technology has progressed much over the years developing into many brands of firearm that harness the destructive energies of a kinetic kill, thermal induction and exotic sub-atomic particles. These technologies, when used in a ranged weapon, are collectively known as the Mark of Gungnir, named ofter ODIN's own personal weapon, "Gungnir" - a "spear" that is never known to miss. What technologies tie the two is unknown, as ODIN is a vast and mysterious entity and its secrets doubly so.

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