Human Set


Cyber Set


Locations of Armor Edit

- There are no pre-determined set locations where Seeker armor is found.
... However, they are most commonly found in the World Tree wells. (Best chance for a level 50 character to find them)
- Seeker armor is randomly found from foes in Too Human when level 40 (or 2-3 levels above/below).
- Seeker armor can be found in the Cybernetics Lab when level 40 (or 2-3 levels above/below, technically). - Various farming methods can yield Seeker armor when level 40 (or 2-3 levels above/below).

Info about armor Edit

- Stats. Level 40. 143 Armor per piece. Helm and Chest only have 129 armor. 4 open rune slots per armor piece.

- Usage. This armor set is highly customizable due to the max # of slots all being open for usage. Depending on your build, take note that as being level 40, it has less armor per piece than level 50 gear. Therefore, you may want to add (or max out) the +% Total Armor stat.
- Aesthetics, Mix & Match. This armor is sometimes mixed and matched with other armor purely for looks if a person is not satisfied with their Altruist and/or Aesir combinations.

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