"Sacred Honor Blade" is a level 50, Epic Two Handed Sword for the Defender class under the Cybernetic Alignment, It can be found at tyrs occasionally. It has the same appearance as The Burning Blade at World's Edge.

Sword (2-Handed) = Sacred Honor Blade

Purchase Price: 1,347,500
Value: 347,500
Damage (Base): 2,299
Ruiner: Bones of Ymir
Mastery Reversal of Wyrds +1
Ballistic resistance +5%
Slash Resistance +5%
Piercing Resistance +5%

Set Bonuses:

2: Mastery: Tyr's Best Work +1
4: Mastery: Ward of the NORN's +1
6: Mastery: The Berserkers Griel +1
7: Mastery: Defender Skill Tree +1

Complete Set:

The Wards Great Helm
Sacred Hyill of the Ward
Sacred Vambraces of Anointment
The Wards Criege
Sacred Ambulatory Constructs
The Wards Stabiliton Pads
Sacred Honor Blade

The Burning Blade at Worlds Edge

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