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Ruiners harness combo power to unleash devastating attacks upon foes!

Amongst ODIN's gifts to the Aesir are the Ruiners - combat moves enhanced by the "magic" of Cyberspace. The very action of an Aesir performing the Ruiner triggers a cascade of programs within Cyberspace, causing the release of energies back into the real world through the ancient Cyberspace nodes that saturate the planet.

Press the Right Bumper to activate a devastating Ruiner. Ruiners take a full combo level to activate

Human RuinersEdit

Use the Human skill tree to gain efficiency and the power to wield each classes' unique Spiritual Ruiner.

  • Berserker: Call forth the spirit of the Bear to maul all that lie in its path.
  • Defender: Bring forth the power of the ancient Valiant to bash your foes into extinction.
  • Champion: Call upon the Ravens to rain down fury upon your enemies.
  • Commando: Summon the deadly scorn of the Wolf to gnaw your adversaries.
  • Bio-Engineer: The power of the ancient Valkyries rises to eviscerate your enemies.

Cybernetic RuinersEdit

Unique Ruiners are amongst the most powerful weapons at your disposal. Wield advanced weaponry to perform more devastating Ruiners. Each weapon possesses inherent elemental properties that inflict further harm upon your adversaries.

  • Radial Focus: Disperses high damage in a large area.
  • Cone Focus: Delivers high damage in a focused range.
  • Beam Focus: Emits massive damage at a single focal point.

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