• Concentrated fire
  • Medium-range capability
  • High ammo capacity
  • Grenade launcher (secondary fire)

Rifles fire slower than pistols and have a similar firing speed to cannons. All rifles have a secondary grenade launcher that can blow away small groups of enemies or stun larger ones. The type of grenade varies depending the type of ammunition that the rifle fires.

  • Slug ammo fires a standard concussion grenade that blast enemies away and does high damage.
  • Plasma ammo fires a plasma grenade that does high damage to a large area but does not have the force of the concussion grenade.
  • Laser ammo fires an incendiary grenade that does fire damage over time. This is very useful for taking down enemies that are resistant to ranged attacks because the fire damage is not reduced.

Rifles have a medium clip capacity and damage compared to the other types of ranged weapons (Pistols and Cannons). Rifles tend to be later game weapons because they have a good balance of fire power and clip capacity.