Ranged Weapons come in three forms:

  • Pistols: Capable of dual fire. These short range weapons have an extra fast reload and rate of fire for the ultimate close firepower.
  • Rifles: Medium range weaponry capable of delivering grenade rounds with its secondary fire.
  • Cannons: Heavy weaponry wieldable by only those who choose to fully utilize Aesir's Cybernetic augmentations.

Ballistic Ammunition SpecializationsEdit

Each ranged weapon has his specialization.

  • Slug: Capable of delivering rapid fire slashing damage. Deals moderate damage, but has the highest rate-of-fire by default.
  • Plasma: Slower firing rounds that explode upon impact and spread blunt based damage in a wide radius. Deals the least amount of damage, but has a splash effect upon impact.
  • Laser: Potential for delivering massive piercing damage when concentrated on the same target, lasers excel in damaging the biggest and most armored targets. Deals the highest amount of damage, but must be held on a target for an extended duration for this to occur.

Note: The longer a laser fires, the more powerful it becomes

Note: The Laser damage is capped for each specific weapon, the damage will cease to increase after a certain amount is met.

Ammo AppearanceEdit

  • Slug - (High-speed Bullets)
  • Plasma - (Small blue explosive projectiles)
  • Laser - (Red Beam)

Weapon SecondariesEdit

  • Pistol Secondary: Dual Pistols
  • Rifle Secondary: Grenade Launcher
  • Cannon Secondaries: Missiles (Slug), Plasma Charges(Plasma), Charged Beams(Laser)

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