New hope for the Aesir
Authors Name Vulcan Cannon 1
Date Written 02/28/08
Number of Chapters unknown


The roar of the tank's cannon pierces the cold desloate lands of the ice forest. the machine's hiss and screech as they form packs rallying towards the nearest golem. the missles fly overhead of the wolf packs and beserkers. the main tanks treads are dismantled by a well place gernade from the golem launcher. Sariel speaks."All right men! This is what you signed up for!" the tanks main door drops down and the men from fox company poor into the frigid land. "Fall behind the tanks for better cover!", yells one of the scouts. But the noise is shattered when a golem smahes the tank with a giant hammer. Sariel jumps up from behind the golem taking the cheastplate and head piece completely off. The he shreads the circuts from the ai of the machine, making it raise its hammer and thrash wildly at the goblins and dark elves. The wolves open fire as the goblins jump through the air and rush towards the position. Bullets ricochete off their metal bodies and explosions are herd from the back of the goblin forces. The commando's are picking off enemy one by one, but the numbers still grow. "It's hopless!", one of the wolves cry. "Just keep firing!" The team leader respawns. As Sariel stand from a collapsed golem ,fires errupt from all around him. This was just a flashback as he awakes back aboard the ship taking him to Asgard. Sariel is a hybrid. Part human, part cybernetic. Sariel was the first prototype, for the "God and Man pact." Coming back he walks to Tyr, armor dented in and his massive blade damaged and drenched. Tyr laughs, " Always giving me more work to do. Lets see what we got here." As Tyr examines it Sariel groans,"How much is this going to cost me." With a smirk on his face Tyr says," Around 60 grand..." Sariel eyes open wide, " Are you serious!" Tyr continues with his sentence, "But since i'm the one who made it and since you are with the Aesir, consider it a gift." Sariel starts to laugh, but one of the guards rush into the room. Bleeding and gasping for air the gurad speaks," Loki...escaping...Aseir in main hall...request help..." The guard falls to the floor, as he takes his last breaths. Sariel and Tyr rush through the armory doors only to be shot at. Sariel returns fire, downing two of the traitorus guards.The sounds of the civilians screaming and the dings of bullets hitting the metal door frame. Sariel head starts to ache as his eyes glow red. He starts sighting in his targets to make the battle end quickly. With a quick turn, Sariel braces himself outside the door way dropping to the ground and pumping shot after shot into the radicals. In only a few minutes, many civilians lay dead on the ground and many of the radicals retreated to the dropzone. TO BE CONTINUED.

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