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Too Human allows you to play cooperatively with another player on Xbox Live.

Online PlayEdit

To play co-op with a friend, first select a character using Manage Characters on the main menu. You can then select Online Multiplayer and pick one of the following three ways to start playing online.

Create MatchEdit

To start a new multiplayer match, choose a starting point from the levels you have completed in campaign mode, pick your loot distribution type, and make the game public or private.

  • Public games can be joined by any player searching for a match
  • Private games can only be joined by player invited from your friends or player list.

Quick MatchEdit

Select this option to immediately search for and connect to the first available match.

Custom MatchEdit

Lets you search for games by level and loot distribution.


To trade items with multiplayer partner, get close to the other player and press the back button.

Once you're both in the trading screen, pick an empty trade slot and press A to go to your inventory. After selecting all the item(s) to trade, press right on the D-pad to enable the Trade button in the center of the screen. Then press A to accept the trade.

Loot DistributionEdit

There are 3 different loot distribution settings.

  • Free for all

This option will award to loot to the player who makes the kill or loots the obelisk.

  • Random

This option will distribute the loot at random while still trying to split the items evenly according to their rarity.

  • Round Robin

This option will distribute loot alternating between each player. So player 1 will get the first item, player 2 will get the second item, player 1 will get the third, and so on.

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