Norse MythologyEdit

In Norse myth, the hammer that belongs to the mighty god Thor. Mjollnir ("that smashes") was made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri, who made many magical objects for the gods. Every time Thor threw the hammer lightning flashed, after which it returned to his right hand, on which he wore an iron glove. Mjollnir was greatly feared by the frost giants, the enemies of the gods, for Thor had dispatched a large number of them, among which the giant Hrungnir. After Thor's death, his sons Magni and Modi will inherit the hammer.

The Winter Legend

In Norse mythology it is said that winter happens because the king of the giants steals Mjollnir and so Thor cannot break the ice and stop the cold. Thor dresses up as a woman and marries the king of the giants to get back Mjollnir and subsequently stops winter, bringing about the spring.

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Too HumanEdit

Mjolnir is the two-handed war hammer used by Thor during his battles. Not much is known about its abilities, but he is known to be able to kill Frost Giants.