The Aesir

Mimir is the Aesir’s data decryption and information specialist and direct link to the systems of ODIN itself, while also acting as the keeper of all secrets held by the Aesir. He is voiced Barry Dennen.

Norse Mythology MimirEdit

Mimir was the wisest god of the Aesir and one of the two gods sent as hostages to the Vanir. After the Vanir discovered they had been tricked by the Aesir, they hacked off Mimir's head and send it back to the Aesir

Odin took the head, smeared it with a mixture of herbs, so that it would never decay, and placed powerful spells on it. The forces Odin called upon were so great that not only the head was brought back to life, but it was also able to speak to him. From that moment on he regularly consulted the head which revealed many occult secrets to him.

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Manual Synopsis/Manual OverviewEdit

" I am Mimir, the Aesir’s data decryption and information specialist. I am the god “blessed” with the endless and thankless task of explaining our world’s lore. I toil away in the recesses of cyberspace, sifting through forgotten knowledge for the betterment of humanity and the Aesir. Quite noble, don’t you think?"--Mimir


Despite being only a head, Mimir has highly advanced technological abilities and can hack into the mainframe of enemy technology systems when properly connected. He also possesses vast knowledge on his database and can give detailed information on others whenever necessary.