There are a three melee weapon type you are likely to encounter:

  • Swords: Precision instruments capable of dealing a high amount of slashing damage to designated targets.
  • Staves: Steady Weapons capable of inflicting piercing damage in a wide arc, allows 360-degree attacks.
  • Hammers: Capable of inflicting blunt damage, hammers excel in smashing the ground and launching multiple enemies into the air with ease.

Melee Weapon SpecializationsEdit

Each melee weapon has his specialization.

  • 1-Handed: Exacting strikes with bonus chance to inflict critical damage.
  • 2-Handed: Large and powerful strikes that inflict high damage and a bonus chance to trigger additional status effects when available.
  • Dual Wield: Use of two offensive weapons allow rapid strikes against enemies. Berserkers only
  • Hammer & Shield: Adds 10% damage mitigation bonus and shield bashes. Defenders only.