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Level tokens are awarded for completing sections of a level, whether inside or outside campaign mode; the number of tokens in any level is dependent on the length. When playing through a level, each token earned increases the chance that the boss will drop Elite items when defeated. Longer levels have more tokens, therefore players have a greater chance of earning higher level drops. After a level has been completed with all tokens earned, the tokens will reset if that level is started again. The number of tokens earned can be viewed in the Stats section of the menu.

Token Locations Edit

Hall of Heros Tokens

1. After the first door you unlock in cyber space (after the first Troll fight)

2. The door right before the bridge with the two polarity enemies (camera zooms over to show them to you)

3. Defeating GRNDL-1

Ice Forest Tokens

1. The elevator ride up after dropping the force field. Ride the elevator up, and there you have it (the arrival is the trigger)

2. The large circular platform when the generator rises from the center of it. This is after the "ice tunnel" area, as I recall. The generator rising is what counts.

3. The jump through the "mouth", where you jump from the purple platform through a door that opens as you approach.

4. Defeating Hod.

World Serpent Tokens

1. sometime before meeting Thor after he gets knocked off the bridge

2. As you enter the first engine room.

3. As you exit Tank Room 2.

4. Entering room after getting off of the conveyor belt.

5. Defeating Everlasting Hate.

Helheim Tokens

1. After a few steps into Helheim itself (after tank cut scene breaking the front gate)

2. Upon entering door on your right when walking down a steep ramp. It's the 2nd factory, huge wide open area. Hard to describe locations here.

3. Before entering door at the end of the 2nd factory. It's a door shortly after a well on your right. Not far after token 2 really.

4. Upon entering door after you learn fire ability in cyberspace and burn the trees to unlock the door. Shortly after Valkyrie cutscene.

5. Defeating Hel.

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