First off is the root skill, Idunn's Touch. This skill I will explain more than the others because it is important to understand how to make this skill really work for you. When capped, it grants you a 1.2% increase to your regeneration capability. Your Bio will "tick" every couple of seconds, healing himself. Maxing this skill makes you "tick" up to 1.2% faster. With a Bio Engineer Regeneration 10% rune, it speeds it up even more, allowing you to heal more effectively. The way to really make this skill shine is through the Healing Effectiveness Rune. These runes are available to anybody, and allow you to get a maximum of 30% more health restored from every health orb you find. This essentially means that 2 orbs will completely heal you instead of only bringing you to 75%. For a Bio Engineer, they also increase the AMOUNT of health you restore every time you "tick." So this means if you heal at 100 points a tick, you would now heal at 130 points a tick, an almost 100 point difference every three ticks! You can see why investing in these runes for a Bio Engineer could be very important. Both my Human and Cyber Bios' max this out. (special thanks to Prodigy1998 for answering my questions to make sure I explained the healing process correctly.)

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