The Aesir
Head Cybernetic Researcher

Idunn is the respected Expert Cyberneticist of the Aesir and the mind responsible for the cybernetic upgrades and genetic engineering used by the Aesir in the battlefield. She is their greatest asset in the field of cybernetic understanding and gives bodily upgrades to Baldur in the Too Human storyline. She is voiced by Pat Lentz.

Norse Mythology IdunnEdit

In Norse Mythology, Idunn was the goddess of eternal youth and was married to Bragi, the god of poetry. Idunn was the custodian of the golden apples of youth. When the gods feel old age approaching, they only have to eat of the apples to become young again. As a goddess of fertility, youth and death, it is possible that she was originally one of the Vanir.

Idun was once abducted by the storm giant Thiazi and in this interval the gods began to age rapidly. She was eventually rescued by Loki who changed her into a nut and brought her back to her hall. The gods were restored to youth soon after.

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Manual Synopsis/Character OverviewEdit

"This brilliant woman may be the most important Aesir of all, for she is our expert cyberneticist. Nanotechnology and molecular enhancements—the “Golden Apples of Idunn”—make the Aesir immortal and superhuman. Without Idunn…well, to quote a famous philosopher, the gods would simply be “too human."--Mimir


Idunn is the head cybernetic scientist among the Aesir and as such possesses vast intellect and technological understanding, which allows her to improve the bodies of her fellow Aesir. Though she is not fit for combative roles or activities,she makes up for it with her medical expertise and biological understanding

Battlefield Role in Too HumanEdit

Idunn does not possess a definite battelfield role among the Aesir warriors, yet she does act as the quintessential medical officer of the Aesir forces and heals their injuries with highly advanced medical technology.


  • Despite being a heavy supporter of cybernetic enhancement, she does not appear to have been cybernetically advanced, though it could simply mean her brain is the only part of her body she enhanced.


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