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The Ice Forests of SvartalfheimEdit

As the Fimbulwinter took hold in the aftermath of wanton anti-matter detonation, the planet was brought into a premature ice-age. Glaciers formed with remarkable, unnatural rapidity, changing the landscape seemingly forever. But even glaciers aren’t static and over the intervening centuries they move and crumble, giving rise to other features. So it is with Svartalfheim, remnant of a deteriorating glacier leaving pillars and mesas, forming a forest of ice. The dark elves and goblins have made this place their home, waging war against the humans from this distant eerie landscape.

Storm WarningEdit

Approaching the Ice Forests is a dangerous proposition. The dark elves’ machinery draws energy from the nanotech grid of cyberspace, causing massive electrical disturbances throughout the region. Most high potential electrical sources are shorted out, or channel enormous energies through them, destroying them in the process, particularly at high altitude. The machines, of course, are impervious to this, having been shielded from most forms of natural radiation by the masters.

Journey into DarknessEdit

The path into the Ice Forests is a treacherous one. The Glacier has carved out a narrow channel, realistically traversable only by APC. Flight into the forest is foolhardy at best, even with proper shielding. But even the APCs can only go so far – as the walls of the canyons narrow, the APCs are unable to continue and further passage into Svartalfheim can only be done on foot. On the ground, both humans and Aesir are open targets, vulnerable and alone, with sanctuary a distant memory.

Section 2-1: Forced EntryEdit

Section 2-2: Power StruggleEdit

Section 2-3: Tear Out the HeartEdit

Section 2-4: The Blind God's PalaceEdit

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