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Human Alignment Information
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Human Cybernetic
Icon Name Description Bonus Per Point
Hum1 The Everburning Heart (0/5) Decreases the cost of all combo use based on the current in-game hit counter value.

Bonuses are applied at hit counter levels 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150.

Max: 10.0%
Hum2 Hero's Heart (0/10) Increases melee attack speed.
Requirement: The Everburning Heart Level 2.
Max: 20.0%
Hum3 Calm Under Fire (0/10) Increases reload speed.
Requirement: Hero’s Heart Level 6.
Max: 25.0%
Hum4 Desire to Overcome (0/10) Increases Fierce Attack range.
Requirement: Hero’s Heart Level 6.
Max: 20.0%
Hum5 A Need To Survive (0/10) Increases Ballistic weapon rate of fire.
Requirement: Calm Under Fire Level 6.
Max: 20.0%
Hum6 Call of Ruin (0/10) Increases Ruiner attack damage.
Requirement: Desire to Overcome Level 6.
Max: 20.0%
Hum7 Daring Shot (0/10) Increases chance of shots ricocheting and hitting additional enemies.
Requirement: A Need to Survive Level 6.
Max: 20.0%
Hum8 Spirit Renewal (0/10) Decreases Spider recharge time.
Requirement: Call of Ruin Level 6.
Max: 30.0%
Hum9 Quick to Anger (0/10) Level 1 – 9: Increases combo meter growth rate.

Level 10: Increases your maximum combo level.
Requirement: Daring Shot or Spirit Renewal Level 6.

Max: 110.0%

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