" Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker " is an Epic Quality dual wielding weapon that is for level 34 cybernetic berserker

Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker

Damage (Base) : 1249

Align: Cybernetic

Value: 54,325

Class: Berserker

State: 3,000/3,000

Ruiner: Fury of the Fimbulwinter

Dual Wield Melee Damage +7%

Attack Speed +9%

Sword Fierce Damage +15%

Leech +1%

Sword Duel-Wield = Howling Blades of the Glory Drinker Edit

Level: 50
Purchase Price: ???
Value: 208,750
Damage (Base): 1,881
Alignment: Cybernetic
Class: Berzerker
Ruiner: The Glacier's Breath
Sword Fierce Range +10%
Increased Ruiner Damage +5%
Sword Fierce Damage +20%
Leech +1%

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