"Hod's Fallen Arms" equipment set is a level 50, red quality 2-piece set for any class under the Human Alignment.

Hod's Fallen Arms (2)
2: Mastery: Human Skill Tree +1

Sword (1-Handed) = Sword of the Betrayer

Craft: 1490000
Value: 372500
Damage (Base): 2090
1-Handed Critical +1%
Sword Damage +10%
Mastery: Call of Ruin +1
Enthalpy Drain +6%

Pistols (Slug) = Arms of the Betrayer

Craft: ???
Value: 372500
Damage (Base): 251
Pistol Damage +10%
Slug Damage +10%
Mastery: Call of Ruin +1
Enthalpy Drain +6%

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