The Aesir (formerly)

Hod is a former Aesir warrior who was manipulated into accidently killing Baldur (who he believed was the traitor Loki) during an enemy raid on the Aesir stronghold and charge as a traitor. He is voiced by Steve Blum.

Norse Mythology HodEdit

The blind god of darkness and winter, the son of Odin and Frigg. When the gods enjoyed themselves by using his brother Balder as a target, Hod unintentionally killed him by throwing a fig made of mistletoe, the only object that could harm Balder. Hod was put to death for this deed by Vali, Odin's youngest son who was born for revenge. However, after the destruction of the cosmos when a new world is build, Hod will be reborn.


Hod was a noble and loyal warrior who originally served with honor and distinction. He shared Baldur's belief that the Aesir are humanity's protectors and should act as such. He had a somewhat sympathetic side to his personality as he euthanized fatally wounded civilians during an enemy raid to spare them from further pain. He also harbored a hatred of Loki for his treachary and promised to kill him regardless of the cost. In the end, he was shocked to find out the horrible actions he had committed under Loki's secret manipulation and lamented his life in his final moments.


Being an elite Aesir warrior, Hod possesses exceptional strength (though not shown), speed, stamina, and endurance far beyond that of the normal human. Hod is known for his mastery of sharpshooting and can effortly fire a plethora of shots at an opponent in a short instance. Hod also has superhuman senses coupled with his cybernetic eyepiece which compensates for his permanent blindness.


  • Hod is the first known Aesir to be killed and the first Aesir enemy fought in the game