• Inflict blunt damage
  • Average speed
  • Capable of wide and focused attack arcs
  • Radius juggle (multiple targets)
  • Wide boomerang-like fierce attack

Hammers are mainly used by defenders and middled path champions who are looking to do blunt damage or juggle multiple enemiess at once. Hammers are primarily used by bio-engineers for defensive purposes, but are also favored by commandos, as it gives them a juggle-ballistic-type-ability, which combines defense with a great offense. Primarily the hammer is defensive, its offensive capabilities being secondary in nature. The hammer has the biggest and the highest juggle radius in the game. Instead of a fierce attack that fires out in a straight line the hammer is thrown in the syle of a boomerang, knocking down the enemies closest to you. The Juggle attack is radial and looks just like a small version of a basic troll attack bashing the enemies up into the air for a Gun Juggle or air combat. For the Defender there is also the duel-wield Hammer & Shield weapons; the effects of having the shield aren't noticable at a glance but when in the middle of combat it is simple to see that if an enemy attacks and hits the shield it will do very little to no damage at all.