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These Halls are the seat of power in the eyes of Humanity . Here the Aesir can walk amidst the humans, so their presence is felt and provide assurance. It is here that the Aesir formulate battle plans and regale each other with the tall tales. The building itself is massive, rising many hundreds of stories above ground level and reaching deep into the earth as well. Amongst its many tiers lie armories, vehicle bays, loading docks, research labs, staging areas, barracks, training facilities, arboretums, hospitals and even prisons. The building is self-sufficient enough to maintain the war effort, but it is ultimately reliant upon the Orbital String for stability. Each of the gods has his own personal Hall within this building, to be used as a sort of office, in addition to their true homes that reside atop the Orbital String tower in Asgard.

Aesir HubEdit

The main area that connects to all of the rooms in Aesir. The central console is used for choosing missions and hosting matches in multiplayer.

Aesir LobbyEdit

Docking Bay 1Edit

Feasting HallEdit

Heimdall's OfficeEdit

Idunn's Cyber LabEdit

Here you can buy armor and craft armor schematics standing in the middle room and pressing the A button activates machinery that leads into the armor menu. Theirs also some monitors that pop out if you get close to them

The PrisonEdit

The World TreeEdit

Here, you can access the Cyberspace. Once you complete the mission with Feya you will be able to come back here anytime.

Note: During or after the mission, the player can go around the Cyberspace and access obelisks as well as other wells. The only problem is that during the mission you are limited by the amount of space to explore due to the chance of triggering the NORNS cut-scene. Last but not least, the wells inside the Worlds Tree lead to different places in which obelisks have a high chance of yielding high level Runes and Runic Charms.

Tyr's WorkshopEdit

Here, you can buy weapons and craft schematics. Also, if you take a right before the counter there is a training room with treasure obelisks in it, sometimes. Runes are purchasable as well.

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