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Hall of HeroesEdit

Buried beneath the snow and ice of ancient mountains lies what was once a place of reverence and mournful respect. Once it was resplendent with banners and effigies of great warriors who had sacrificed all they had for the survival of humanity. It was a place of funerary ritual, where heroes would be honored to voyage to Valhalla and spend the years before Ragnarok with Odin. During the height of the wars that followed the destruction of the YMIR, places like this were common.

Now it is broken down and a ruined echo of its former glory; parasitized by goblins and used as a forward base for something even more sinister: the rogue, unclassified killing machine - GRNDL-1 - that has begun to terrorize the outlying settlements of Midgard.

The Cult of OdinEdit

A hundred years after the Ymir were destroyed and the war against their soulless offspring grew to lethal intensity, the entity known as ODIN began to be worshipped as a god. Although few knew his precise origin, they only needed to know that he alone was responsible for pulling humanity from the fires of destruction. As the years passed and the Aesir replaced the aging warriors who originally fought alongside him, the worship of Odin grew radically, bringing in a new era.

The Funeral PathEdit

Central to the installation’s layout is the funeral path. The dead heroes are placed in a boat-like vessel and driven through the temple, passing over several canals. These canals symbolize the spheres of earth and heaven; passing over them represents the passage from one world to another, from the material to the ethereal. Finally they arrive at the crematorium, where the remains are incinerated and the souls are freed to join Odin in Valhalla.

Grendel’s MereEdit

Cyberspace is representative of a time long lost to humanity. It is as the world was long ago. Why the NORNS chose this particular abstraction will be forever unknown to modern humans. This area of cyberspace reflects the spiritual and free image that the builders of the Hall of Heroes set out to build – lush meadows and a solitary tree in remembrance for those who fell in battle – yet it is also tainted with the presence of the Children of Ymir. The area surrounding the crematorium has become Grendel’s Mere, swampy and infested with corrupt data. Whether the abstraction of cyberspace is influenced by changes in the real world, or the real world corrupted by Cyberspace, humanity will never really know.

Section 1-1: Tracking the BeastEdit

Section 1-2: The Temple's DefilementEdit

Section 1-3: The Lair of GrendelEdit

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