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Experience is a numerical value that is used to determine when your character reach his next level. Every new character starts at level 1 with no experience. Each monster you kill gives you a certain amount of experience points (XP for short). You can view your current amount of XP in two places. The first is in the stats menu under the player tab, and the other is a graphical representation on the left side of the main hud.

After having reached the amount of experience needed for his next level, your character will level up. When this happens you will hear a special sound, your health will refill, and a blue aura will encompass your character. You will also receive skill points which you can spend to aquire new abilities or to upgrade those you already have. Finally, many attributes of your character will go up as can be seen in the character progression table.

There is a couple of ways to increase to amount of experience you receive. First, you get a 1% XP bonus per combo level, up to a maximum of 3% at combo level 3. Also you may equip items that provide XP bonuses up to 10%, for a grand total of 13% XP bonus. Please note that the amount of experience you will get for each kill will always be rounded down.

Things you will get XP from:

  • Kills you make
  • Kills your partner makes (Co-op)
  • Kills any of your human allies make
  • Kills any enemy makes for you

Things that won't give you XP:

  • Any kills that are made while you are dead
  • Kills enemies make against your allies

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