1. Light Polarities (illuminated by light color) are highly volatile and explode when defeated, inflicting heavy damage and negative status effects. Use gunfire and fierce attacks against light polarities.
2. Dark Polarities are dark colored, but they begin to illuminate when shot. If you defeat a dark polarity when it is illuminated, it will explode, causing damage and status effects. Avoid triggering the explosion by attacking dark polarities with melee attacks and Finishers when they are not illuminated. These enemies spawn randomly and more frequently encountered at higher levels.
• The enemy colors and effects:

  • The RED/ORANGE enemies explode.
  • The BLUE/ Light Blue enemies generally freeze you.
  • Silver/Gold enemies are usually 10 levels above the highest level, and as a result they inflict more damage and more health than standard enemies of the same type. There's a 5% attack-damage penalty to the player and a 5% attack-damage bonus to the enemy for each level that the enemy is higher than the player. Elite enemies are also 20-percent larger than standard mobs, making them easier to spot in the crowds.
  • Maroon (Combo Drain) - When this enemy attacks/shoots the player or if this enemy explodes upon death, and player is caught withing blast radius, player loses a large portion of his/her combo meter.
  • Maroon (Life Drain) - When you get hit by the enemy attacks/blast, the player becomes infected with life drain status effect, percentage of damage received is converted to enemy's health.
  • Purple (Lightning) - When you get his by this enemy's attack/blast, the player becomes infected with lightning status effect, causing high damage over short period of time.
  • ORANGE/RED (NAPALM) - When you get hit by this enemy's attack/blast, you get infected with the fire status effect - medium damage over moderate period of time.
  • Light Blue (NITROUS) - You get frozen for a short period if hit by this enemy. If any enemy attacks you again, you get unfrozen.
  • Lime Green (Poison/Poison Fire) - Player becomes infected by poison upon getting attacked, low damage over long period of time.
  • Pole (DEFAULT ENEMY COLOR) - Poles are leader-exclusive variations. Light pole leaders knock players down if they attempt to melee attack them. These enemies must be killed with ranged attacks. When facing a dark pole leader, if they player decides to use ballistic attacks, it will charge up not only the leader, but any dark polarity enemy that is near the leader.
  • Purple (SLOW FIRE) - Player becomes infect with slow fire status effect, severely reducing rate of fire over a long period of time.
  • Purple (SNARED) - Player becomes infected with the snared status effect causing severely reduced movement and attack speeds.
  • Yellow (SOFTENED) - The player becomes infected with soften status effect - taking double the damage.
  • Yellow (UNBALANCED) - The player has a chance of being knocked down when hit by such enemy.

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