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Appearance Race Type Attacks/Defenses Info Strength*
Goblin reg GOBLIN Generic Melee Claws Robotic war-machines that can crawl walls like a spider and fall from great heights without suffering damage, Goblins make up the bulk of the mechanical forces. 1
Goblin sniper GOBLIN Enthalpy Melee Claws, Chargeable Frost Armor Absorbs ballistic damage to become a frozen Goblin. Unlike it's frozen brethren, it will only cause an Enthalpy explosion if it is charged. 1
Goblin laser GOBLIN Assault Rockets Has 3 red optics for eyes unlike the generic goblin used to target its enemies with rockets. 2
Goblin EMP GOBLIN Frozen Frost Discharge Armor, Melee Claws Any attacks cause this goblin to emit a blast of frost which freezes Baldur, stopping all movement and actions for a short time. Use Ballistics or Melee Launch to turn them against their own. 1
Goblin explosive GOBLIN Explosive, Rupture Explosive Armor, Melee Claws The explosive variants are akin to their frozen Bretheren. Rupture Goblins(shown) require ballistic charging like Enthalpy Goblins. Explosive Goblins(not shown) can be taken out at range or launched into the air and dropped amongst other enemies like frozen Goblins. 1
Goblin leader GOBLIN Leader Shields, Melee Weapon, Missiles, Buffs(?), Debuffs(?) Casts buffs to allies adding shields and/or damage bonuses. 3
Undead fighter UNDEAD Undead Zombie Small axe, rifles Fallen soldiers and Civilians who did not die valiantly in battle, and so they were enslaved by Hel. They attack Baldur relentlessly, by any means necessary. 1
Undead gunner UNDEAD Undead Wolf Trooper Fists, Rifles Fallen soldiers who did not die valiantly in battle, and so they were enslaved by Hel. They attack Baldur relentlessly, by any means necessary. 2-3
Undead fallengod UNDEAD Wraith Buffs(?), Debuffs(?), Melee, Ranged Any god who does not die valiantly in battle gets sent to Helheim and becomes an enslaved fallen god. 3
Darkelf assault DARK ELF Assault Rapid fire B.O.W., Melee An agile war-machine class found primarily in the Ice Forests. They are deadly with both ranged and melee combat and tend to use Goblin or Dark Elf infantry for close-combat support. 3
Darkelf skimmer DARK ELF Skimmer Buffs(?), Debuffs(?), Melee(?), Ranged Moves around by hovering and attacks with a large hand cannon. This variant is unconfirmed in the field.
Darkelf leader DARK ELF Leader Buffs, Debuffs, Melee, Ranged Attacks with a transformable arm-mounted B.O.W. Shoots purple projectiles, Shields allies, debuffs enemies. A deadly combination with foot-soldiers. 3-4
Troll hammer TROLL Hammer Model Melee, Hammer Impact Area Damage Massive beasts capable of wielding assault-class weapons, Trolls are as powerful as they are weak-minded. Defeating a Troll involves breaking down its armor and internal structures one piece at a time. 3-4
Boss grendel BOSS Grendel Melee, Shock-wave impact damage A robotic monster capable of eating flesh and bone by grinders mounted on his chest and face. Resembles a giant bear and can run on all fours. Capable of Launching multiple flying grinders that deny Baldur the ability to jump. Shake them off with a dive-roll. 5
Boss fatcrabman UNDEAD Necromancer Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, Spawn Undead(?) These creatures hide behind many Undead Minion and Undead Wolf Troopers. A damaging close range pulse attack and the ability to resurrect the dead make these a formidable foe for a close quarters fighter. Their ability to resurrect any fallen enemy make it extremely hard to lock on as a Commando. 3-4
  • Strength is rated from 1 to 5. Rank 1 being grunts and rank 5 being bosses