Cyberspace 001

Although Cyberspace is present in all parts of the planet, the height of activity is within the walls of Aesir territory. There are more wells within the Halls of the Aesir than anywhere else. This is primarily because its use has fallen only to the Aesir, who use it to gauge the future and enact their battle plans.

There are Wells scattered across the entire world, but most of them are disabled or shut down after centuries of disuse and warfare. Most areas of cyberspace can be traveled to directly from these Halls, so long as the requisite Wells across the globe have been activated.

The NORNs, three inseparable and mysterious beings, exercise dominion over the world of data and mystery we commonly call Cyberspace. Certain Aesir may visit this realm via active access points known as "wells". When close to a well, press A to enter Cyberspace.

Within Cyberspace, the NORNs will grant you the following abilities to open locked doors or access treasure caches (although some puzzles may require you to return once a later power is attained):

  • Push
  • Lift
  • Water Walking
  • Create Fire

Throughout cyberspace you will find orange, glowing Obelisks of varying sizes that spawn equipment upon use.

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