To attack a nearby enemy, press the Right Thumbstick toward an enemy.


To attack enemies at distance, press the Right Trigger to fire your main pistol or rifle. Press the Left Trigger to fire your left pistol or launch grenades, charged shots, or missiles. Move the Right Thumbstick when shooting to change targets.

Combo LevelEdit

As you inflict damage, your combo meter fills (advanced moves provide bonus combo). When the meter completely fills, your combo level increases, which makes slide attacks more powerful, ranged weapons fire faster, and also provides an experience bonus.

Advanced CombatEdit

Many combat moves can be chained by pressing the controls for one move and then immediately following with another.

One of the best examples is sliding. You can first slide toward enemy A and then hold the Right Thumbstick toward enemy B just as you first strike enemy A. This immediately continues Baldur's slide to the next enemy. Successive moves give bonus damage, speed, and built combo level faster.

Melee AttackEdit

Name Command Bonus
Slide Hold Right Thumbstick (far) Rapid slide attack directed at a distant enemy.
Juggle Double Tap Right Thumbstick Launches enemies for air attacks.
Fierce Tap Right & Left Thumbstick (far) Projected strong attack that knocks down enemies.
Finisher Tap Right & Left Thumbstick (close) Powerful multi-hit combo strike does bonus damage.
Ruiner Press Right Bumper Devastating radius attack that depletes your combo meter.

Advanced MeleeEdit

Name Command Bonus
2in1 Slide Slide + Hold Right Thumbstick Successive slides give bonus speed, damage, and combo.
2in1 Juggle Slide + Double Tap Right Thumbstick Slide into a juggle for bonus juggle height and combo meter.
2in1 Ruiner Slide + Press Right Bumper Slide into a Ruiner for reduced combo meter cost.
2in1 Finisher Slide + Tap Right & Left Thumbstick Slide into a finisher for a bonus damage bonus and combo.
Air Combat Juggle + A + Right Thumbstick Attack airborne enemies for bonus combo meter.

Advanced SpecialEdit

Ranged AttacksEdit

Name Command Bonus
Manual Reload Press Right Thumbstick Click to manually reload.
Secondary Fire Left Trigger (Right Thumbstick to aim) Hold to fire left pistol, grenades, charge shots or missiles.
Gun Juggle Right or Left Trigger (in air) Fire at airborne enemies for bonus hit counter growth.
Shoot Missiles Hold Right Trigger + Double tap Right Thumbstick Prioritizes targeting to air target (including enemy missiles).

Special MovesEdit

Name Command Bonus
Battle Cry X Activates Battle Cry (requires combo meter/see HUD).
Spider Y Activates Spider Ability (requires spider energy/see HUD).
Sentient Press Left & Right Thumbstick Activates Fenrir's powerful Sentient weapon attack.

Shield and TrollsEdit

Name Command Bonus
Shield Break Fierce, Juggle, Ruiners do bonus damage to enemy shields.
Mount A Break a Troll's chest piece and press A when behind to mount.
Troll Ride Left Thumbstick + Right Thumbstick Left Stick to balance and Right Stick to strike when centered.