Choose an Archetype
Berserker BioEngineer Champion Commando Defender

There are a total of five different archetypes to play as in "Too Human". All of these archetypes play and handle differently. Each with its strengths, weaknesses, and special skills. The one you choose to play as determines your play style in Too Human. If you prefer to be the guy who dishes out all the damage, then you would choose to be a Berserker. If your vision of Baldur is the type of guy who uses nano-technology to heal others, then you would choose to play as a Bio-Engineer. If you want to be the guy who supports from the back and annihilates guys from afar, using mines and other tricks to escape when the enemy draws near then you would enjoy playing as a Commando. If you prefer to be the bulky character that can take the hits and withstand all kinds of mobs, then you would prefer playing as a Defender. Or if you want a mixture of each Class, and a bit of Air Combat and Critical Strike bonuses thrown in for good measure, then the hybrid character Champion is your best bet.