Here For all your Too Human tradeing Needs. Simply Edit this page and type in your GT (Gammer Tag) as You'll see mine "Lord Weeezil" Done below. Then save the page and click on your gammer tag link and set up your items which you are selling or wish to buy.

Lord weeezil Edit

DooMGuY 117 Edit

Evan: Level 50 Human Champion

Trade: Sword of the Betrayer Level 50

One Handed

Base Damage: 2090

Align: Human

Class: None

State: 3000/3000

1-Handed Critical +1%

Sword Damage +10%

Mastery: Call of Ruin +1

Enthalpy Drain +6%


Needs boosting and EPIC armor for cyber defender

trading whole human champion epic set (weapon included)


Looking for master and slave head, Annihiliation legs and the one boots.

require clean( only the orignal red rune) eg. master an slave sent dur +15%

I got all the other bits willing to trade armor, runes, epics.

TONE A LONE 360 g/t

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Enter your Gamer Tag hereEdit

Enter your Gamer Tag hereEdit

Enter your Gamer Tag hereEdit

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