The Aesir
Leader of the Valiants/Poet of the Aesir

Bragi retains his role among the Aesir as a poet. He also appears to command "The Valiants", who appear to be long since dead human warriors encased in powered armor that resembles Bragi's while integrating a gattling. He is voiced by Paul Eiding.

Norse Mythology BragiEdit

The god of eloquence and poetry, and the patron of skalds (poets) in Norse mythology. He is regarded as a son of Odin and Frigg. Runes were carved on his tongue and he inspired poetry in humans by letting them drink from the mead of poetry. Bragi is married to Idun, the goddess of eternal youth. Oaths were sworn over the Bragarfull ("Cup of Bragi"), and drinks were taken from it in honor of a dead king. Before a king ascended the throne, he drank from such a cup.

Originally, Bragi did not belong the pantheon of gods. He was a poet from the 9th century, Bragi Boddason. Poets from later centuries made him a god.

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