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BloodLust Empire
Authors Name Jordan Eastwood
Date Written 12/08/2008
Number of Chapters 2

When the War went into Chaos, Saviours turned into Monsters, The sacred race of Humans are being attacked by the countries of once formed cybernetic humans & robots 'The DeathNote Alliance'.

A city of rogues and bounty hunters scurve underneath the cities foundations but little do they know that they are the next target for the DeathNote Alliance, but they forgot one thing ' THEY FIGHT BACK '!


50 Years before the Chessbase War ...

A tale was long told of a mighty god who fought for humans and cybernetic creatures alike, He fought against his Empire, He slain his enemies until one day he disappeared .. Panic arised and people became scared.

What should be done?, There was a council meeting to decide the next step for the countries to figure what to do.

"The only way people are going to survive if they upgrade into cybernetic" Yelled Grineth

"NO!, People should not be made to change their origin and their sense of who they are by changing there bodies into something that they created!" Shouted Aser

This was only the base of the war, the war between cybernetic humans and there teamed up companions with the Dark Elves, All Humans salvages across the continents to a place called Adilhia, Humans were led by the only man to stand up for his race Aser who was a war veteran in the company of Baldur, Cyber Humans and Elves with the other machinic colonies were binded into one in the main city of Aesir they called themselfs The DeathNote Alliance.

Many years passed

To Be Continues [Unfinished Work]

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