Your armor is comprised of 6 pieces:

  • Helms: Non-invasive cranial shielding offers heightened synchronicity with sentient weaponry, enhanced battle cries and ruiners, as well as increased ballistic lock-on distance. Cybernetic cranial enhancements additionally offer targeting system for increased ranged weaponry damage.
  • Torsos: Both external body armor, and integrated cybernetic chassis offer high defensive bonuses as well as enhancements that reduce damage from specific types of attack, augment healing properties, facilitate spider connectivity, and increase ammunition carrying capacity.
  • Shoulders: In addition to protecting the user, shoulder enhancements feature modules that increase the user's ability to launch enemies into the air, and the damage done while engaged in aerial combat.
  • Gauntlets: External gauntlets increase the wearer's armor and provide enhanced repair functionality. Cybernetic hand and arm upgrades provide increased strength for use with melee weapons and improved stability systems which increase damage done by ranged weapons.
  • Leggings: External leg armor is often enhanced with mobility actuators for faster slide speeds, as well as improved ammunition loading mechanism. Cybernetic ambulatory replacements greatly enhance the amount of force the user can put into melee attacks.
  • Boots: Lower leg and foot covering offer excellent armor protection as well as enhancements that increase the user's slide speed and the ability to dodge incoming attacks. Cybernetic ligament and musculature upgrades offer the same abilities but include a number of enhancements to sentient synchronicity and battle cry effectiveness.