AMMO types copy2


This ammunition has the same range as a plasma gun. it does less damage than plasma will but has more ammo and has a faster fire rate. Secondary fire for rifles is firing a frag grenade that will explode on contact with an enemy, for cannons the secondary firing is basically an rpg. Trolls aren't affected by this ammo greatly but it is more effective on undead.


This ammunition has a longer range than slug or plasma but you dont have a very long firing time, once fired is starts off at a low damage rate but steadily increases; if you roll, the beam will cut off and restart from a low damage, so is not the best for dodging with. The secondary fire for laser rifles discharges a grenade, similar to the slug grenade, but deals a damage over time against anyone hit. This makes the laser secondary very effective against groups, whereas the primary is good against single targets. Laser cannon secondary fires a very expensive (in ammo), very large laser that does not lock on to any target or last very long. However, it pierces through any enemies hit.

Pro Tip: Because each "tick" of damage from lasers (primary laser, not secondary damage-over-time grenade) can activate on-hit effects, lasers work extremely well with the Commando skill Pinning shot, which has a 10% chance of stunning per bullet at maximum level. This would allow you to completely immobilize a small group of units from advancing.


The plasma ammo does more damage than slug and will cause a small light explosion when it hits an enemy which can hurt neighboring enemies too. Secondary fire is a plasma grenade which is basically just a big plasma explosion doing exactly the same as the shots just more powerful so , the cannon secondary is more powerful than rifle in damage and is a plasma rocket. This is the "hybrid damage" that the runes affect.