Human Set


Cyber Set


Locations to find piecesEdit

- Altruist Helm. Start on the Ice Forest at 2-1. There is no closer point. 2-2 is too far.
- Altruist Chestpiece. Start on Hall of Heroes at 1-3. It is the furthest you can start mid-level.
- Altruist Gloves. Start on Helheim at 4-4. There is no closer point, 4-5 is too far.
- Altruist Leggings. Start on the World Serpent at 3-2. This section is the closest you can get to the control room. 3-3 is too far.

- Altruist Shoulders & Boots. Rarely, if ever, found by level 50 characters. The easiest way to find them are by having a level 44 character (lvls 41-43ish should technically work too), either farm the Cybernetics Lab or farm levels. Farming levels, just be careful not to level yourself beyond 44.

Info about the armor Edit

- Stats. Level 4-158. Armor per piece. 4 open rune slots per armor piece.
- Acquisition. Altruist armor can also be found by random drops or in the Cybernetics Lab when level 72 (or around that level).
- Usage. This armor set is highly customizable due to the max # of slots all being open for usage. Depending on your build, take note that as being level 44, it has less armor per piece than level 50 gear. Therefore, you may want to add to the +% Total Armor stat.
- Cyber Altruist, Helm. The eyeband turns nearly invisible when using colors with the "Brilliant" prefix, with the exception of "Brilliant White".

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