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Go here for Secret Achievements

Symbol Name Description Gamerpoints
In the NORN's Favor In the NORN's Favor Find and activate all available Cyberspace wells. 10 G
Chosen of the Aesir Chosen of the Aesir Achieve Adept status.
(Reach Level 10)
20 G
Elite Warrior of the Aesir Elite Warrior of the Aesir Achieve Skilled status.
(Reach Level 20)
25 G
Hero of the Aesir Hero of the Aesir Achieve Hero status.
(Reach Level 30)
30 G
Legend of the Aesir Legend of the Aesir Achieve Legend status.
(Reach Level 40)
30 G
True Son of ODIN True Son of ODIN Achieve God status.
(Reach Level 50)
40 G
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades Achieve Adept status or greater for all classes.
(Level 10)
10 G
First Step toward Destiny First Step toward Destiny Assign your first skill point. 5 G
Path of Ruin Path of Ruin Defeat 100 total enemies using Ruiners. 25 G
Unrelenting Rage Unrelenting Rage Achieve 100 hit combo. 10 G
Show No Mercy Show No Mercy Defeat 25 enemies with a single Battle Cry. 10 G
Rune Lore Rune Lore Collect 1,000 Runes. 10 G
Relics of a Forgotten Past Relics of a Forgotten Past Complete a 7 piece Elite armor suit. 5 G
I’m Rich… I’m Rich… Collect 1,000,000 in bounty. 10 G
Artisan to the Aesir Artisan to the Aesir Construct 100 blueprints. 10 G
Aesir Ascendant Aesir Ascendant Complete a tier 3 charm. 10 G
Fenrir's Bite Fenrir’s Bite Assign a skill point to a sentient ability. 10 G
Display of Power Display of Power Execute either a 2 in 1Juggle, Ruiner, Finisher, Slide, or Gunfire move. 5 G
The Final Strike The Final Strike Kill 100 enemies with finishers. 10 G
Death from Above Death from Above Kill 100 enemies with air combat. 10 G
A Valorous Deed A Valorous Deed Defeat a polarity enemy. 5 G
Without Equal Without Equal Defeat 1000 polarity enemies. 10 G
Relics of Ascendance Relics of Ascendance Complete 20 Charm Quests. 10 G
Archivist to the Aesir Archivist to the Aesir Acquire 7,500 item drops. 10 G
One God Enters, One God Leaves… One God Enters, One God Leaves… Complete 3 Secret Arena Battles. 20 G
Serve Em Up Serve Em Up Juggle an enemy to be killed in air combat by a teammate. 10 G
Teamwork Takedown Teamwork Takedown One player must destroy the troll’s chest armor and the other must mount kill. 10 G
Blooded of the Aesir Blooded of the Aesir Achieve Novice status (Level 5). 10 G
Hate for the Machine… Hate for the Machine… Kill 20,000 enemies. 15 G

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